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Carolyn began her voiceover and narration career in 2015. Since then she has produced 44 audiobooks for (with another in the works), contributed to over 180 titles at Graphic Audio, narrated various books and magazines for Potomac Talking Books and Tantor Media, loaned her voice to numerous podcasts, and worked on voiceover projects with major DC organizations such as The George Washington University, and the National Library of Medicine. With an RE 20 microphone and soundproof Whisper Room, Carolyn is able to produce broadcast quality voiceover projects from her home.


Newly Released Audiobooks Available for Purchase


MacCallister, Book 12: Riding the Nightmare

Darkest Before the Dawn (The Second Dark Ages 3)

Glow (Larkspur Academy, Book 5)

By J.A. Johnstone and William W. Johnstone

Narrated by a full cast

Duff MacCallister left Scotland to forge a new life in America, raising cattle on the western plains of the growing nation. But keeping his dream alive means facing off against the country’s most violent, bloodthirsty men.

The Spencer family is part of a wagon train passing through Chugwater, Wyoming, bound for the valley of Longshot Basin. Unfortunately, the trail ...Read More

By Michael Anderle and Ell Leigh Clarke

Narrated by a full cast


Michael continues to work to fulfill the promise to his love, but the world isn't the same place.

Now, there is a mistake he made centuries in the past walking around he needs to rectify.

To complicate matters, there is a group out of England believing Michael’s blood will be just what they need for their business. While they get nasty Vampir...Read More

By Molly Lavenza 

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner

I am so sick of secrets.

Determined to fulfill my destined role, I push past my emotional trials only to learn those who should be guiding me have held back a secret that could ruin all of our lives. None of my choices offer the certainty I seek, but I'll have to live with the consequences...and so will those I love.

Will my time at Larkspur end in triumph or tragedy?

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