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Carolyn began her voiceover and narration career in 2015.  Since then she has produced 40 audiobooks for (with two more in the works), contributed to over 100 titles at Graphic Audio, narrated various books and magazines for Potomac Talking Books, loaned her voice to numerous podcasts, and worked on voiceover projects with major DC organizations such as The George Washington University, and the National Library of Medicine.  With an RE 20 microphone and soundproof Whisper Room, Carolyn is able to produce broadcast quality voiceover projects from her home.


Newly Released Audiobooks Available for Purchase


The Amelia Moore Mysteries, Volume 2

The Amelia Moore Mysteries, Volume 3

Spiral (Larkspur Academy, Book 3)

By Linda Weaver Clarke

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner

A romantic Mystery!


Amelia Moore specializes in missing persons. Along with her partner, Rick Bonito, they travel to the haunted Stanley Hotel at Estes Park in Colorado for their next case. After solving that mystery, their next assignment takes them to Color Country in Southern Utah. While marking off items from their bucket list, Rick tries to romance his partner. The blend of sweet romance and mystery in this volume will touch your heart.

By Linda Weaver Clarke

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner

A romantic mystery!

After marrying her partner, Rick Bonito, Amelia and her husband travel to the beautiful Louisiana Bayous for their honeymoon, where yet another mystery must be solved. The newly married couple continues to have their romantic moments along with solving a mystery. After returning from their honeymoon, they visit the many intriguing lighthouses along the coast, searching for Rick's missing uncle who disappeared a few years ago.

By Molly Lavenza

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner


Is there anyone I can trust?

A shocking revelation and a devastating confession leave me stunned and confused.


How many more secrets lie in wait for me at Larkspur, and which of them will be the one to cause my downfall?

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