Coming December 2022

Coming February 2023


Mirage (Larkspur Academy, Book 4)

Glow (Larkspur Academy, Book 5)

By Molly Lavenza

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner

The summer semester class trip promises adventure as well as an escape from the confines of Larkspur's spells and secrets. But will Moon Lake lure me into a false sense of security, putting those I care about in unforeseeable danger?

By Molly Lavenza

Narrated by Carolyn Kashner

Determined to fulfill my destined role, I push past my emotional trials only to learn those who should be guiding me have held back a secret that could ruin all of our lives. None of my choices offer the certainty I seek, but I'll have to live with the consequences . . . and so will those I love.

Will my time at Larkspur end in triumph or tragedy?

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